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Permanent Cosmetics Directory is your global resource for all things permanent makeup related. We feature permanent makeup artists, permanent makeup suppliers, permanent makeup training and trainers worldwide. Whether you are a person looking for permanent makeup application or a permanent makeup professional looking to advertise, we are a leader in the promotion of permanent cosmetics.

Please visit our state listings to find a professional in your area!  And remember, always check credentials when considering permanent makeup.


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Each website we create for our clients is unique.  No two websites are the same, just as each client's needs are not the same. Permanent Cosmetics Directory works closely with each of our clients to formulate a website that will provide them with good web presence (see samples, pricing, and additional info).

The website we create for our client's include text (specific to the permanent makeup industry), graphics, and art/photo manipulation.  We offer our website creation at an affordable price and require payment upfront. Websites are created within a reasonable time frame depending on the complexity of the site requested. We encourage client participation to ensure satisfaction - but not micro-managing.

Permanent Cosmetics Directory has been successful in keeping up with the lastest web trends and algorhythms and understands what is necessary to make a website visable in regards to search engines.


Every website on the world wide web has a hosting company.  Hosting is what keeps your site online and working properly. If you choose Permanent Cosmetics Directory to create your website we offer the 1st year of hosting FREE.  The 1st year of FREE begins the moment the site is available to the public online.  Each year of hosting after the initial FREE year is charged at a rate of $70.00 per year. Permanent Cosmetics Directory will contact you via email or phone to let you know that your hosting is due.  If hosting is not paid by the due date, the site will go offline until the hosting is paid. If the site is taken down due to non-payment, there will be an additional $35.00 fee to reinstate the site, along with the hosting and domain fees due.  There is no exceptions to this policy. 

Because we are a small company we do not allow anyone into our server to make changes to their website.  Any changes or maintenance to a website much be performed by us.(see maintenance)


Picking a domain name (website name) is extremely important to the success of your site.  Permanent Cosmetics Directory can assist you in picking a name that will ensure people will be able to find you on the web.  We can purchase the name for you, and place it into your name.  You own the domain name.  Domain names must be renewed on a yearly basis.  Permanent Cosmetics Directory purchases domain names from Go Daddy, and the normal cost is approximately $18.00 per year.  That renewal fee is included along with your hosting fee. 

If your domain expires, we cannot easily retrieve it back.  It is very important that the name be renewed prior to expiration or you risk losing your established domain name.  If this should happen, we can only suggest a new domain name and will need to make the necessary file changes to your site, which will incur a maintenance fee (see maintenance).  


After your website is established you might want to change things on your website - this is termed as maintenance.  Maintenance is important periodically because it give the search engines spiders new content to view.  Stagnant and outdated information on your website is detrimental to not only your potential customers but also to the search engines spiders.  Fresh content on your site will give both the search engine spiders and the viewing public a reason to return to your website.  Not to mention the fact that information about your business changes over time and you want to make sure that your information is up to date.

Permanent Cosmetics Directory bills at $50.00 per hour (with a 1 hour minimum) for maintenance.  We encourage our clients to give us all changes at one time (via an email), thereby keeping their maintenance costs low. Once your desired revisions and/or additions are submitted to us, we will give you an estimate of the amount of time it will take us to do your maintenance. No surprises! Again, we request your changes via email (please no text messages, as we need a "paper trail" when receiving maintenance requests) so there is no confusion about what you expect from us. If clarification is needed, we will call you. We can do all the changes at once, or in phases, as your budget allows. Once your estimate is submitted to you, payment is required upfront to begin working on any web maintenance. You may pay for web maintenance charges via the phone at 318-554-9794 - we accept debit and major credit cards.

We do not allow people to enter into our server to make changes on their site.  All maintenance to your website must be performed by Permanent Cosmetics Directory.

If you request your files/photos/text/website be transferred to another hosting company, there is a $50.00 fee to provide this service. You will need to supply us with your new hosting company information, including the name of the hosting company and the user name and password in order for us to transfer the necessary files. This payment is due prior to the transferment of any files. There is no exception.


Photos can be an integral part of your website.  Permanent Cosmetics Directory believes there should be an equal balance of text and photos to make your site a success.  We do provide high resolution stock photos for our clients websites, and the option of including your own.

Photos should be submitted in .jpeg format and should measure at least 800x600.  We do manipulate photos to meet the needs of your site.  It is standard we will have to crop, shrink, lighten/brighten, etc.  We cannot use a small photo and make it larger in most cases.  Making large photos from small photos, distorts and pixelates an image - hence poor picture quality.  Also, try to send photos that are in the same dimension or shape.  Making a square photo from a rectangular photo is not easily accomplished.

Galleries can be in various formats, i.e. flat side by side or up and down, slide show, flash, etc.  We allow a total of up to 20 pictures with your initial website creation.  In other words, an example of that would be 10 sets of before and after photos.  We suggest sending more sets so we can pick the ones that are of the best quality and resolution - and are the best representation of your work.

If you choose to include more than 20 photos, we charge an additional $5.00 per photo.  This is for the cost of manipulating, enhancing, framing, inserting, uploading and showcasing.


Permanent Cosmetics Directory is experienced at writing text for websites.  We understand the value of prioritizing text information in a format that will encourage indexing on the major search engines. 

Although we are knowledgeable with the industry "lingo", it is important that you provide us with biographical/company information that is relevant to your business.  Your business information can be re-written to suit the needs of your website - it is not imperative that you write the information as it might appear on the website, we do that for you. 

Payment for websites is required upfront, prior to the start of your website design, unless other arrangements have been made with us.  To order and purchase a website, or if you need more information, we are happy to discuss it with you.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, and Debit Cards.

Call (318)554-9794   Monday thru Friday - 9AM - 6PM EST


All our websites are reasonably priced to meet the needs of our clients. Pricing of a website is determined by the labor involved, the length of time to accomplish building the site, and the input of our clients. Normally a site of 4 pages or less can be completely built within a 14 day time period. After counseling with a client we determine the "style" and begin working on a site. Although perspectives may not match right away, we do believe after a minimal amount of time that the client and our artist should have a clear understanding of what the client's needs are. We request that our clients forward their photo's, text, logo via email within a reasonable time, as the configuration of every site is based on information sent to us. It is not our policy to search online for photo's, text, etc. to build a person's site.

If a compromise is not met between the client and our artist and a refund is requested, we review the amount of time already spent building a site, the communication between our client and our artist, and the issue of the conflict. If we determine that our artist has dedicated over the allotted reasonable time to build a clients site, and communication between client and artist supports that, we do not offer a refund. If we determine that our artist did not meet the policies of our company, we will offer a 50% refund of the cost of the building of the initial site.

The following is information we must know prior to beginning your site.  It is difficult to create websites when information is not supplied upfront.  Although we do expect to tweak sites as we go along, we do not wish to waste your time or ours reconstructing a site because information is not supplied up front - leaving us to our own defenses.  Remember this is your website!

1. What colors would like your website to be?

2. Do you have a theme in mind? (i.e. floral, shells, dark, light, soft, etc.)

3. Tell us about you!  Write a 3-4 paragraphs about yourself in relation to your business - i.e. related experience,   certifications, how long in the business, accomplishments, accredidations, education, organizations, etc.

4. Tell us why you chose the beauty/permanent makeup field.

5. Contact information - include address (where svcs. will be conducted), phone number, email address

6. Any other information you think we need to know to design your site.

All this information needs to be submitted via email, once your payment has been received, and before we can begin. All information can be submitted to: 

Permanent Cosmetics Directory - Policies effective: 06/23/2015